P2PU: HTML 5 Introduction: HTML overview

Using Notepad + +, here are the changes to the file webhistory.html of Wikiversity. Source: page “What is HTML” from Wikersity.


HTML file webhistory modified using Notepad++:

<h1>A short history of Mark-up and the WWW: Part 1</h1>
<h2>A short history of Mark-up and the WWW</h2>
<h3>In the beginning…</h3>

<p>The Internet and email have both been around for some time now.
The initial Internet was actually developed by the <em>US military</em>
as a means of communication that was impossible to break! It was
thought that if there were thousands of communication points
(rather than just a few transmitters) then it would be possible
to transmit a message even when many communication points had
been destroyed. No-one imagined that the Internet would become
a house-hold tool for many people throughout the world!</p>

<h3>The World-Wide-Web</h3>

<p>Until 1989, the Internet was primarily used by computer geeks
who knew all the required tools and commands. But everything
changed when <strong>Tim Berners-Lee</strong> of the <em>CERN</em> nuclear research facility near Geneva, Switzerland, introduced Hypertext documents.</p>

<p>Hypertext documents made it very simple to follow links to related
information, regardless of which country the information is stored
in – all that was required was a single click of the mouse! Yet
these links also had an implication for the way people would read
the information…</p>



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